“Spontaneity is one of the joys of existence, especially if you prepare for it in advance.”
― Alan Dean Foster


I have been a designer and illustrator for as long as people have been willing to pay me. At 16, I was hired as a penciller by a former writer of Marvel’s Daredevil, and never looked back. Among many other roles, I have been a faculty member of The Art Institute of Phoenix, served on the local board of the AIGA, and was the senior illustrator at The Arizona Republic. My career has touched on countless industries from newsprint, advertising, and magazines, to animation, brand design, and even lent a hand inking an issue of SPAWN.

My clients include Microsoft, FORD, Hasbro, MTV, CNN, TOPPS, SLIPKNOT, and countless publications. One of the hallmarks to my work is an unusual creative process and an uncanny knowledge of where everything comes from.

I find the origins and roots of humanity fascinating. The trick to having a storehouse of useless knowledge is knowing when to fish out the shiny object that can transform my client’s project into something meaningful and authentic.
You should also know, I love the classics. There are reasons why things TODAY work so well, and I spend a lot of time learning how. You might think your idea is amazing, but chances are, it really has an origin in history that's even more amazing. My work is very organic, cerebral, intentional, and expandable. 

I specialize in finding your origins and distilling complexities into authentic value. I execute with purpose, reason, and a likable sense of humor. 
People say I am one of the easiest designers they have ever worked with.

You and I should talk. Even if only to have a conversation. I think it's safe to say that as you spend time online, read my information, and visit my website, you cannot help but want to call and just introduce yourself.

...and don't you know that God is Pooh Bear?


(I promise not to send you more industry shop talk.. I'll give you something really odd, unique, and random. It will be your highly anticipated interesting thought of the day!)


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I specialize in finding your origins and distilling complexities into simple messages.
-Jeremie Lederman​

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