Carrie Underwood posted an Instagram of her wearing a shirt that I illustrated for Jimmy Herman



Honeywell Partner Video Case Study Contest
I joined the team of JDA Software in the creation of a winning case study video resulting in over $12,000 in MDF funds. I worked on the story based on an approved concept from Sandy Pretzlaf.

My original role with this project was to simply provide storyboards. However, the staff that hired me were suddenly laid off. I was asked by an alternative manager if I could take over. The video production manager and I ran with it; unencumbered by administration and won the contest.

I also wrote the dialog, narration, and shot-list as well as produced the illustrations and animations.

“We loved the creativity used in the production of your ‘Hero in the Warehouse’ video…I was also pleased to see the whole audience at our Partner Conference last week watch the video avidly prior to one of the breakout sessions. A true example of best practice sharing.”

-VP Scanning and Mobility, Honeywell



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Indominus Res Speed Drawing
Pen and Ink


Homage to the late BB King
Dry Brush and Ink


RUSH 40th Anniversary
Mixed Techniques



The pen and ink versions pre-digital color


The Arizona Capitol Times Newspaper

ARIZONA CAPITOL TIMES SESSION WRAP ILLUSTRATION, jeremie lederman, lederman studio, political cartoon, arizona, arizona politics

Being slugged by Governon Jan Brewer

Annual Political Cartoon

The Arizona Capitol Times is known among Arizona politicos as the leading source of political news from the state Capitol and beyond. It began publishing in 1906, a full six years before Arizona was a state.

In 2011, the editor contacted me to begin an experiment. They wanted to produce a MAD Magazine styled cartoon that highlighted the antics of the Arizona Legislators for that years session. There was no shortage of material to draw from (pun inteded). Everything ranging from SB-1070 to the tragic shooting in the Tucson Safeway parkinglot.

Given the highly 'facts only' reputation of the paper, this was a real disruption to the norm. None the less, the cover was a hit and in now in its fith year. Lawmakers ruotinely call the newspaper to try and engratiate themselves into appearing on the next cover.

It was voted CARTOON OF THE YEAR by the Rose law Group


A warm thank-you from Senator Shooter


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